Exciting Facts About Entertainer And YouTuber, Blippi

Most popularly known as “Blippi,” Stevin John is a children’s performer and instructor. He made a big name online through his YouTube Channel. And as of 2022, Blippi has over 13.5 million subscribers and an estimated net worth of $25 million. If you want to know more about blippi and how he became such a tremendous artist, then this article is for you.


Stevin John Before Blippi

Stevin John is a South African film director who turned into a massive name on YouTube. This all started when he created low-budget comedy videos back then, under the name “Steezy Grossman” after serving in the Air Force. Since this did not turn out right for him, he renamed himself. He launched a more wholesome and kid-friendly channel back in 2013 and invented the character “Blippi.”

Kids Love Blippi

The name “Blippi” comes from Stevin John’s niece’s name. He didn’t know that this name was going to stick around, especially with young children. Toddlers who are watching YouTube kids know who Blippi is. And because of the entertaining content he is creating, Blippi has amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube.

Blippi personifies a young, fun, and curious character. He always wears his blue shirt, orange suspenders, a bow tie, and his blue and orange beanie cap. His adventures with fire trucks and tractors surely keep them entertained.

The Success In YouTube

When John started his Blippi channel, he did all the filming, editing, and graphics all by himself. His first ever video uploaded on YouTube was on January 27, 2014. And just a year after his launch, he gained 12.5 million followers on his Blippi YouTube channel. He has uploaded more than 250 videos with over 9.5 million views.


Following this success, he started his toy line and merchandise like costumes and t-shirts. He also has live tours throughout the country to reach out to his fans. He sold out shows across the country and met his fans, singing along with him. Aside from YouTube, Blippi is also a Hulu and Amazon Video star.

Average Blippi Earnings

Everyone is curious, checking out celebrity news about how much Blippi earns after all the successes he amassed online? Aside from his main Blippi YouTube channel, he also launched a second one, Blippis Toys. This has over 7 million subscribers and over 5.5 million views. His channels are getting an average of 4 million views a day. This makes him earn $7.8 million each year.